Wednesday, 22 February 2017


During our first time in Norway a few people were really helpful and so we would like to thank Stein-Are Engstad, Kjetil Letto and Aadne Olsrud for all their advice that helped make our first trip so successful (and thus enabled us to write this guideblog).

Ian Parnell kindly shared information and photographs from his trip in 2013, which helped to fill in some of the gaps on this blog and provide objectives for our 2017 trip. There's a report of Ian's trip in Climb magazine - get hold of a copy!  More can be seen on Ian's blog

Thanks are due also to Toby Archer, Johu Risku and Tapio Alhonsuo, and Graham Austick (of Lyngen Lodge) for their advice and putting up with our pestering them for information. 

Special thanks go to Neil O'Gorman for all the help and information he gave us in advance of our 2017 trip.

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