Sunday, 26 February 2017


If you use this blog, please leave a comment - we'd love to know if people are finding it useful!  And if you climb something we haven't, then let us know too (we'll probably want to climb it next time we are here).

In 2017 we returned to Lyngen, and have now updated the blog for that area.  Not least, in separating Kåfjord into two pages - this valley alone offers a fortnight of world class climbing! 

While this blog concentrates on the Lyngen area, we've included some information for Senja, Spansdalen and Sørdalen from our visit in 2012. These areas are more comprehensively covered elsewhere on the internet but the information we've provided should give a good idea of what's out there.

We have included updates from Ian Parnell and friends' trip in 2013, as featured in Climb magazine - get hold of a copy!  More can be seen on Ian's blog.  Thanks to Ian for providing info and photos.

We hope you find this site a useful introduction to ice climbing in Northern Norway.


Introduction - Updated 2017
Logistics - Updated 2017
The Pre-Climb Checklist - New 2017
Arctic wildlife - New 2017
Thanks - Updated 2017
Nick and Jim's Future Ticklist - New 2017

This guideblog is ordered clockwise from the North-east:

North of Kåfjord - Updated 2017
Kåfjord - Updated 2017
Kåfjord - The Canyons - New 2017 
E6 North of Skibotn - Updated 2017
Roadside Ice Cragging - Updated 2017
Skibotndalen - Updated 2017
Kitdalen - Updated 2017

Blue squares = just some of the climbs described on this site

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